2017 Tips for Snowboarding


Tips for Snowboarding

Snowboarding has become one of the most popular activities.  It trumps over skiing tenfold snowboarding looks cooler.  It doesn’t matter if you are new to the activity.  Even seasoned professionals look at Snowboarding Tips for 2017.  It never hurts to brush up on your technique.  Besides, you can always learn something new.


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It Is Not as Hard as It Looks
It looks complicated, but with the right trainer and attitude it turns out to be fun.  Even the learning process can be fun.  If you put time and effort into the process, it will become easier.

So when you get on your first board, start with fastening your bindings.  Most often you will see strap bindings on your board.  They are two straps that will hold your feet in place.  They should feel comfortable and secure.  Adjust them to fit your feet.

Speed entry bindings are similar, but they allow you to get the boots out faster.  It is a convenient design, so there is no fiddling with straps.  Security and comfort are the most important aspect.  It doesn’t matter which bindings you have on your board.

Get Physically Active
If you want to improve your performance, it might be time to get fit.  Even though snowboarding is already a physical activity, extra strength will only help.   Increasing your stamina and core strength will help your balance.  It will decrease the possibilities of injury.  It will also allow you to be more flexible, so if you fall, the only damaged thing will be your pride.

Learn new ways to ride.  If you only ride one way, learn to switch.  It will make tricks easier.  It will also improve your situation judgment when it comes to speed and terrain.  At first, switching will feel strange and hard, but after a little while, it will come.


Learn New Things and Watch Others
Watch other people snowboard.  You can learn quite a lot by watching what and how other people are performing.  If you can – ask a friend to film you.  Then watch it back to improve your technique.  Be ready to look funny to your own eyes.

Have you ever thought about gymnastics? Don’t worry; you don’t have to learn to be a first class gymnast.  If you include some trampoline sessions, it will help.
It will improve your physical fitness and strength.  It will contribute to improving your spatial awareness.  It is easier to start doing tricks if you have experienced the same motion.  Being on a trampoline gives you a safe and controlled environment to try out skills and movement.

When you first start doing tricks, everything needs to be over-emphasized.  It will help you work on the techniques and movement.

Have Fun Outdoors
All in all, even if you are a seasoned master on a snowboard, take the time to have a lesson or two.  Pretend you don’t know something.  Getting on the track of bad habits is easy.

If you take the time and take some lessons, you might find out a couple of things.  First of all, it will filter out things you know and things you don’t know.  It will also raise your spatial awareness and show you what new things there are to learn.

You want to be on the mountain not only doing tricks but also having fun.  At the end that is what snowboarding is all about.  It’s cooler to hang out with friend’s outdoors rather than being stuck indoors.

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