Great Snowboarding Locations

Great Places To Snowboard

Snowboarding has become a very popular winter sport. Snowboarders make for almost half of the ski resorts population. But how do you decide where is the best place to go? It depends on what you are looking. You may be looking for fresh snow on not-so-populated areas. Or maybe you are looking for some terrain parks to practice your tricks.

Following with having guest posters to our blog, we asked our friend Tony Matthews from Fence Builders Dallas to tell us about his favorite places to snowboard and here are his top 5 locations.   We hope you like these as well.

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1. Big Sky, Montana

The nearest town is Bozeman. The site offers two mountains and 3500 acres and is very tourist friendly. There are over 20 restaurants and bars. You can also find a snowboarding shop and a few lodges.Lone Peak is the most challenging peak. Experienced snowboarders love it. However, there are slopes for beginners and intermediate snowboarders as well. The place does not lack diversity.
2. Kirkwood, California

This resort is the favorite place for snowboarders who love nothing more than showing off their tricks. Kirkwood has four terrain parks, which are constantly full (from November to April of course). What makes this place so attractive is the fact that it is the home of Adventure Land Beginner Park. Here, even children can learn the secrets of the sport.The most common complaint about Kirkwood is that it takes some effort to get there. It is located southwest of Tahoe over Carson Pass. But even so, once you get there, you will see that it is worth the trouble.
3. Alpine Meadows, California

Located north of Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows is famous for the opportunities it gives to snowboarders. Here the snow is drier than in other locations, which means there are fewer soggy days. The most popular attraction is The Shreadows (a recently updated terrain park). Fortunately, there are slopes for everyone, beginner or expert.Apart from snowboarding, you can do some sightseeing while here. The Alpine Meadows is the home of beautiful, enchanting lakes. In 2007, Transworld Snowboarding ranked this location as one of the best snowboarding locations in USA.
4. Mount Hood Meadows. Oregon

This area offers a great variety of slopes. Mount Hood Meadows is as friendly to beginners as is to experts. There are a lot of terrain parks, comparing to other snowboarding locations. The six terrain parks are Park Place, The Zoo, Rose City Slopestyle, Forrest Park, Shipyard and the Superpipe. The latter is the most famous. The superpipe measures 500 feet with an 18-foot high pipe. Moreover, there is a nightlight, so if you like to go boarding at night, you shouldn’t have any trouble.
5. Schweitzer, Idaho

Last, but not least, Schweitzer is a heaven for expert snowboarders. It is the largest winter resort in Idaho, with more than 2500 acres of land. Outback Bowl is a natural chute and is very popular with advanced and expert snowboarders. For more diversity in levels, you can visit The Stomping Grounds Terrain Park. Snowboarding is not the only activity you can engage in while you are here. The sights are breathtaking.
There you have it. These are among the best snowboarding locations in USA. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any others. Fortunately, the US is full of such beautiful, breathtaking places that are willing to offer you the best snowboarding experience.  All you have to do is look.