Some Of The Best Snowboarding Locations

The Best locations in the USA

Snowboarding is a winter sport that has become a global experience. With the advent of snow on a mountaintop or hilly slope, adventure-seeking enthusiasts come out to ride the snow. Snowboarding became internationally recognized in 1998 at the Winter Games in Nagano and has gained in popularity ever since. This “fringe sport” has allowed the world to view snowboarding as a winter sport to be enjoyed by all.

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As an increasing number sports-minded people ride the wave of snowboarding, knowing where to snowboard is important. There are numerous moderate to very difficult trails to maneuver within the U.S. Depending on where you live in the United States, many are easily accessible. Whether your style is free-riding on natural ungroomed downhill slopes, or if you enjoy the adrenaline rush of freestyle snowboarding down a steep and rocky slope, you will find the following recommendations of Jeremy from Commercial Pressure Washing Houston, challenging and responsive to your snowboarding style. The following are recommended trails located throughout the country:

Eastern United States

Sunday River (Maine)  – Located a short distance from Portland, Maine it attracts many city dwellers from the surround areas. On the weekends, beginners seem to crowd the slopes but with over eight mountain peaks and over 120 runs the experienced snowboarder can get away from the maddening crowd further at the top of one of its many mountains. With a vertical drop height of 713 meters (2339 feet) avid snowboarders on the east coast of the U.S. can find a slope which suits them best.

Stats: 2 Halfpipes, 4 Terrain parks

Jiminy Peak (Massachusetts) – Attesting to being the largest snowboarding resorts in Southern New England, Jiminy Peak is more geared towards the beginner and intermediate, but is presently retooling the facility for the more experienced snowboarder. With a vertical drop height of 747 meters (2450 feet) it still does not compare to the vertical drop heights of the slopes in the Western United States.

Stats: 1 Halfpipe, 1 Terrain park (night snowboarding)


Central United States

Granite Peak (Wisconsin) – One of the first snowboarding to open in the United States it is located in the Rib Mountain State Park. Up until around 2000, it was miniscule in comparison to other slopes with a vertical drop height of only 213 meters (698 feet). Since then, the facility has expanded and on its 410 acres has an even number of easy, intermediate, and advanced trails.

Stats: 4 Terrain parks

Mad River (Ohio) – Located on 120 acres Northwest of Columbus Ohio, this resort features a vertical drop of 914 meters (almost 3000 feet). With over 50% of its trails labeled advanced the experienced snowboarder should have no trouble “Tearin’ It Up” on any of their slopes.

Stats: 1 halfpipe, 1 terrain park (night snowboarding)


Western United States

Aspen Snowmass (Colorado) – Less crowded than Colorado’s Vail Mountain, Aspen Snow Mass accommodates snowboarders with a vertical drop height of 1343 meters (4406 feet) it is one of the more popular sites for freeriding and freestyle snowboarders.

Stats: 2 Halfpipes, 3 Terrain parks

Mount Hood Meadows (Oregon) – Located on a dormant volcano, this facility has a whopping 2150 acres. At a vertical drop height of 846 meters (2775 feet) it is one of the more popular snowboarding sites on the West coast. Deemed one of the best freerider slopes in the country, it will surely be the favorite of every snowboard enthusiast.

Stats: 1 Halfpipe, 3 Terrain parks (night snowboarding)

As the previous list is only a very small sample of the snowboarding parks in the United States, each snowboarder will have their favorite snowboard slope panache. As the snowboarding phenomena continues to grow, facilities continually strive to meet the demand by expanding their facilities to accommodate all whether beginner, intermediate or advanced snowboarders.

As always feel free to contact us with questions or other recommendations of places you like to snowboard.

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