More Snowboarding Tips for Beginners

Are You A  First Time Snowboarder?

It’s winter again! The roads are covered with snow, fires crackle in fireplaces of homes and people are wearing snug layers of sweaters. This season brings a holiday chill in the air and the need to smother that chill with the warmth of family love and bonding is growing more and more urgent by the minute. Bonding with your family can come in many forms but at a time when the powder is nice and soft for snowboarding, why not hit the local snowboarding resort for a change and start gliding down that beautiful snow peak?

snow covered mountains

Snowboarding, like most sports are physical, yet extremely enjoyable. It involves you, the potential snowboarder, along with your beautiful family, all geared up in the proper gear descending down a snowy slope on a snowboard. Millions of people enjoy this recreational activity so much that over the years, it has become an Olympic and Paralympic sport with people showcasing their talents for other people to admire.

Snowboarding can be a bit tricky especially if you are just starting out so here are a few tips that might help you along as a beginner. Remember, no great thing starts out big.

Start small, start at the beginning. 

  • Gear up comfortable but efficiently. If you have tried snowboarding, you will know that getting up on that hill can be excruciating, especially if there’s four or more of you in your family. Not only that, you have to carry your gear with you but remember that gearing up is the best way that you could prevent accidents. Your gear includes your snowboard (of course), which is what this activity is all about. You also have your bindings that could either be plastic or metal or both. Be sure that it is fastened to your board properly and that it fits your boot size. You also have your helmet, which is very important. They are made especially light these days, it actually feels like nothing.
  • Know your footing. Snowboarders have their very own language for your left and right foot. Your left is your ‘regular’ and your right is your ‘goofy’. Knowing which is your lead foot between the two is important because you have to adjust your board set up so that your riding is easy.
  • Be ready to fall. You are a beginner; you cannot ace this on the first try. Just be sure that you are able to handle pain when you fall on your coccyx –also know as the tail bone, this is the bone that supports your buttocks when you fall. Yes, it will hurt but anticipating it and being ready for it can actually help, even if it’s just a little bit.
  • Enjoy. This tip is probably the most important. Do not treat the recreational activity like a career you have to strive for. Just be chill about it. Do not be scared and enjoy gliding down the snow slopes with your family and friends. Plaster a smile on your face! It will surely keep you warm.

Snowboarding, even though it might be slightly challenging, will definitely be rewarding at the end. Gliding through snow peaks with your family and friends behind you will leave you warm and comfortable on the inside despite the chill of the season.  If you are a beginner, take the leap of faith, and give snowboarding a try.   If you get the proper training in the beginning, you will love the sport, and be able to have loads of fun with your family on the slopes.

If you have any questions, please use contact us, and we will help guide you to having the best experience possible while you are learning to snowboard.   Good luck, be safe, and have fun.

Funny Falling Video

Oh and by the way, yes you will fall, yes you will be frustrated, and yes you could possibly end up on someone’s funniest video compilation, splattered all over youtube.   Here is a funny video of some other newbies falling.  So as you can see you are not alone, and are in some very good company.   Enjoy.