Snowboarding Tips for Beginners

3 Great Snowboarding Tips For Beginners

Learning something new is always fun.  If you are new to snowboarding you may be a little apprehensive when taking the first step, but learning some proper techniques will help you to stop wasting your time faceplanting in the snow.


Tip #1:   Take a beginners class, don’t try to learn from your friend.

If you try to learn from your friend you will most likely miss out on some great instruction that will teach you proper techniques.   Without proper technique you will develop some bad habits, bad form, and problems that could all be avoided by knowing proper technique.    Just because your friend is a good snowboarder does not mean they are a good teacher.  Most likely you will end up frustrated, and waste your day on the slopes if you are relying on learning from a friend.

Now that you are signed up for your class, don’t be afraid to ask questions.   During your class take advantage of the instructor’s time, and ask questions, don’t simply try to figure it out on your own.  The instructors are there to make sure you learn techniques so you can make your time on the slopes more enjoyable.

The people that tend to learn the fastest and progress easily are typically the ones asking for help when they simply don’t get it.  There is no shame in trying to get your technique correct from the start.  You will be glad you took time to learn proper technique once it clicks and you are mastering the slopes like a pro.

ProTip:  Ignore this tip if your friend happens to be a trained instructor, then by all means learn from your friend.  However, if your friend is simply good at snowboarding it is best to seek out a good beginners class.

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Tip #2:   Learn to ride the T-bar correctly

Nothing is more frustrating than falling off the T-bar.  There is not much to it once you learn a couple of great techniques that you should have learned in your beginner training course.   If you skipped the beginner course and had your friend teach you, then shame on you.

  • Don’t try to sit or lean on the T-bar

The T-bar is there to pull you up the slope and not to provide support.   To ride the T-bar properly you will need to put the bar between your legs, and place it on the inside of your upper front leg.  Use your hands to hold the bar in place so it doesn’t twist, and stays straight across the back of your upper leg.   This allows you to be pulled up the slope correctly.

  • Look ahead


Our bodies have a tendency to move towards the direction we are looking.   So if you are looking off to the left or the right you will start to drift off in that specific direction.   Keep your eyes focused straight ahead, so you do not drift and eventually fall off the T-bar.


Tip #3:  Learn to keep from falling down so much

Now that you have had your class, you learned to ride the T-bar and you have hit the slopes for real you may find that you are falling down more often than you wish.  This all boils down to a lack of stability and possibly a lack of core strength.  The good news is you can overcome both.

Regarding stability, it boils down to balancing yourself and stabilizing once you make turns as you ride down the slopes.  Remember you are still a beginner so choose slopes that will allow you to master techniques instead of choosing harder slopes that will only frustrate you and cause you to learn bad form and techniques.

Now that you are on a simple green run, you need to make yourself aware of every turn you make.  In between each turn you are going to want to do a small “hop up” and land back on your feet.  So you will turn, then as you come out of the turn “hop up” (just slightly), as you land absorb the landing using your lower body and let both feet.   Make another turn in the opposite direction, come out of the turn and “hop up” once again.   Keep repeating this over and over as you make your way down the slope.

Once you do this several times you will feel your stability and core strength increase, and you will find that you are falling less, as you master the techniques of snowboarding.