Tips for the Beginning Snowboarder

Learning to snowboard is all about progression, and not all about natural skills, although having some skills will help…just sayin.  If you go into the sport not realizing that time, practice, and patience will make you a better snowboarder then you may just find yourself frustrated, or even getting hurt.

As you start learning new skills and progressing in the process of becoming a better snowboarder, be sure to stop and have fun.  Soak in your surroundings, realize the natural beauty of the mountain, the snow, the trees, and just enjoy that you are experiencing God’s creation and even if you fall a time or two you are learning and progressing with each and every fall.   Soak it up, learn from it and most of all enjoy.

ski resort

  1. Be prepared to actually learn.   When you go to hit the slopes for the first time, expect it to be hard and difficult to pick up.  This is not like playing checkers, and will take a lot out of you the first time out of the gate.   It will take a commitment, and many will not learn it on their first time out, so make sure that you are committed to not quitting and giving it more time to learn.   Hopefully you are the type that will pick it up right away.
  2. Prepare to fall. You will fall it is guaranteed.   You will fall more than once, again guaranteed.  If you are prepared for this you will have the right mindset to learn and conquer.  Remember we all have to learn from the beginning so when a kid goes whizzing by you, just remember he had to start from the beginning too.   Granted kids pick up on this easier than adults, but he or she did have to learn as well.
  3. Take a lesson (or more than one lesson if necessary). There are no regrets with taking a lesson or two.  You will have regrets if you try to rely on your friend teaching you though, and never try to figure it out on your own.   Defiantly do not make this learning curve harder on yourself than it should be.    I would suggest if possible to call ahead and book your lesson in advance if the resort allows.   You do not want to show up on your first day at the mountain to find out all lessons are booked up for the day.   Preparing in advance will help you to be successful when learning to snowboard.
  4. Try to go during the week for your first day. Depending on the time of year and the resort you may find it to be less crowded during the week.   Weekends and holidays tend to be more crowded.  This means more bodies to run into, and also more people trying to take lessons.   So do yourself a favor and pick a slower time of year to start your learning process.    If you don’t have this luxury and you do find yourself going on a busy weekend or holiday do try to prepare in advance and book your lessons early.
  5. Try to learn on snow and not on ice. You will be much more successful if you are learning on snow.   If you are on the east coast you will have more ice than snow, and since I mentioned that you will fall, it is much nicer to fall in snow rather than on ice.  If you are in more of an icy area, try to go mid day when it may be more slushy rather than hard packed ice.
  6. Dress appropriately. You for sure want to stay warm, but most importantly you want to stay dry.   Make sure you purchase the correct type of clothing that will keep you both warm and dry.  Also remember that while learning you will probably work up a sweat.  Do not let that fool you and start ripping off your clothing.  You can get very sick by doing this.   If you find yourself over heating, take a little time to rest, maybe sit in the snow.  You will cool off pretty quickly.  Give your body time to adjust and acclimate.

So there you have some pretty good beginning tips.  I hope these have helped you if you are planning your first ski trip this winter.

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